Located only a few steps from Lisbon, the Crossover Studio gathers together a range of unique characteristics that makes this space ideal for anyone who is serious about the art of making music. Equipped with top material and over 18 years of activity, we offer the means and experience required to create professional quality work.
We have two fully equipped rooms where the artists may practice or record, with the certainty of having at their disposal everything they need to boost their work.
There is a Régie where the acustic treatment by Marcelo Tavares from the company Audiodesigner stands out, an Amek console with 56 input channels with prés, equalizers designed by Rupert Neve, the top outboards and finaly, an outstanding listening. Just to name some of our gains (in order to achieve a more comprehensive description of our equipment, we advise you to take a look at our technical rider).
The Studio Crossover also has available for the artists private parking, a lounge area with air conditioning, a vending machine, a snooker table, a Tv, and so on… Come visit us and see for yourself the conditions we can provide. We are waiting for you!

Em Estúdio: Secret Lie

Born in 2011, SECRET LIE is made up by Pedro Teixeira Silva (Corvos), who is not only the composer and violinist, but also the project’s mentor; Nuno Correia (Forgotten Suns), on bass; Tiago Ramos on drums; Tó Pica (Ramp, Anti-Clockwise) on lead guitar; Adelino Duarte (Sunset 91) on guitar and vocals; Claudio Nunes (Corvos) on the cello and piano; and Sara Madeira as lead vocalist, an amazing seventeen-year-old natural talent.