Fausto Bordalo Dias

Amalia Awards 2012

Amalia Awards 2012 distinguished as Album of the Year ''Em Busca das Montanhas Azuis''

This year 22 personalities are distinguished in 13 categories, Fausto Bordallo Dias is Awarded the Album of the Year with Em Busca das Montanhas Azuis »

Winners of Awards Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (SPA)2012

The Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (SPA), in partnership with RTP, delivered late on Monday (February 27) the Prémios Autores.

Best Song - “E Fomos pela Agua do Rio”, of Album "Em Busca das Montanhas Azuis", de Fausto Bordalo Dias

Best Album - “Em Busca das Montanhas Azuis”, of Fausto Bordalo Dias

Freddy Locks celebrates 10 years of music

In ten years, Freddy Locks has four studio albums The last of them, "Rootstation ', was released in 2012 and recorded at Studio Crossover.